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"Finally, a quality search engine made just for kids!"
R. Shannon, Principle, Mayfield Elementary

A Special Message to Educators and Parents

KidzSearch is a free public service used by 1000's of schools. We are powered by Google Safe Search technology, so you get all the great results you would expect from the best search engine in the world, but without any harmful adult content.

We provide a special search environment designed specifically for school kids that includes:

Results that are always safe, even if cookies are cleared, or children use the site on a different computer that has new browser settings. It may be confusing to a child to use at school in safe mode, but when they are on another computer at home with default settings, that same site can return potentially harmful adult content. We also provide additional keyword screening for extra safety based on feedback from our large community of schools.

Safe image results. We allow students to safely browse images from hand selected trusted sources.

Search results that are geared more for kids pushed higher to the top. Pictures are also added to most results to help younger students select the most relevant match. A traditional text-dense set of results can often be overwhelming to children when they are learning to use a search engine.

Specialized autocomplete that provides the most likely search terms geared towards students as they begin typing in the search box based on millions of analyzed terms done by schools who use us on on a daily basis. This proprietary feature helps students find the best search terms for school homework and projects.

KidzSearch has special sections that kids love, like  Homework Help where students can ask and answer school questions in a safe monitored environment, KidzSearch News with interesting thought provoking daily stories and videos designed to get kids thinking, and our popular Top Sites guide that has all the best free educational learning sites presented in a fun and interactive format.

Proud member and accepted by the American Library Association.  We have been providing students with a safe searching environment for over 10 years and are used by many schools around the country. Please contact us for a reference list or if you have any questions.

Keep Your Kids Safe and Bookmark Us Today!

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Member of the American Library Association

Member of the American Library Association

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